Commit 949454b8

– Add per-vertex lowering/raising mechanics
– Add validation to check for objects, walls and maximum/minimum values

Relates to #73

Hi! Another big step towards the end of the height map topic, it is now possible to actually edit the height map, albeit per vertex only. Check it out below:

If you have a closer look you will see that the possible vertices that can be changed are limited by the proximity to an object or a wall. It is also not possible to go above or below certain thresholds, I’m pretty happy with the result 🙂

The next step will either be declaring this topic as “done” – or checking out if it is (relatively) easily possible to have a per-tile mechanic, which would for more pleasant bulk editing. I am not entirely sure though if that even makes sense though from a UX perspective. Let’s see 🙂 Bye!

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