Commit 9ec3f283

– preliminary support for dynamic uniform buffers
– make the renderer support starting up without any meshes to render

In addition to the regular uniform buffers, this commit added dynamic uniform buffers to every model created on the renderer. These were later used for updating information specific to a model on a per-frame basis, such as rotation and position.
Furthermore this commit allowed OLives to start without any meshes loaded by injecting dummy data into the renderer until a proper mesh is loaded.

Commit 240402c0

make the project compile with a more recent vulkanhpp version. actually read vertex and index dimensions from the model manager

This one was not a lot of fun, a newer version of vulkanhpp, the C++ wrapper around the native C Vulkan API, was released and introduced a few changes. A lack of user-friendly documentation made the switch more painful than first expected.
On a more positive note, the model data was now fully loaded from the ModelManager and dynamic.