Commit 8966e607

– Implement rudimentary (down) scaling to the Bitmap class
– Take a screenshot and add it to the save files

Resolves #97

Hi! Once again, this is a pretty straight-forward topic in terms of functionality. I was struggling a bit with the scaling, doing so relatively late at night with less-than-ideal concentration certainly didn’t help. As things got a bit frustrating I now went for the age old “eh, good enough” approach for it and.. it is just that.
The load/new game menu have been slightly adapted to support a more reasonable thumbnail size, which looks something like this:

Next up will either be some synchronisation regressions I noticed recently or I’ll move ahead with the next save game topic. Let’s see. Byeeee 🙂

Commit 5c54de81

Add support for using Bitmaps as textures

Resolves #103

Hello! Quick and to the point, this comes exactly as described. 🙂 No screenshot today as there is obviously no actual visual difference between textures loaded from either a PNG/JPG compared to a BMP.

While BMPs, or at least the relativiely simple variant OLives implements, do not support alpha transparency, that is not really a problem as the only planned use case for now will have them serve as thumbnails for saved games. I still have to work out some kinks for that, but overall the entire save game topic (including the Bitmap support) is progressing nicely. Byeee!

Commit 72bf5c1f

– Add feature that allows to take screenshot
– Refactor code that provides incrementing filenames for save games to be more generic

Resolves #102

Hi! As a somewhat unexpected turn of events, I had to implement taking screenshots, so the picture below was actually taken by OLives 🙂

Besides the nice side-effect that this will taking screenshots of progress a lot easier, the actual reason for doing it was that I needed a screenshot functionality for save games, as the picture currently used is simply hardcoded. The next step will be adapting this to be used for exactly that purpose. Hopefully that won’t take too long, byeee 🙂