Commit 969c85ea

– Fix hover states for the save menu
– Fix overall hover logic (properly take z values into consideration)
– Fix build
– Let all widget (and inheriting classes) setters return the current instance

Hello! Obviously, this is the first commit in a very, very long time. This was both due to a lack of motivation, time and the overall thought of simply going back to bugs as opposed to actually getting to write something new (i.e. doing something fun!).

Be that as it may, finally the responsiveness of both clicking and the hover effect for the buttons in the save menu should be greatly improved. While doing so I noticed some things that were missing, but those fell mostly in the very broad category of housekeeping.

Next up, I will either have another look at the ongoing performance issue or go for some low-hanging fruit to hopefully get the motivation going again. Whichever it will be, I’ll hopefully be back soon!

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