Commit dddc9c92

– add prices to wall and floor tiles
– change the way we update the UI (do everything passively in one place now)
– find a somewhat better hashing technique when calculating the UI hashes of containers when taking their children into account (workaround for collisisions)

Not just objects have prices now! The last part was particularly nasty, as containers that had the same type of contents would return the same hash, which was.. less than ideal.

Commit cb175f52

– redo the way we update the UI from the game state and only have one entry point for it
– add the concept of prices to object types
– show the price when buying an object and only allow for placement if there are sufficient funds

There were multiple ways to update the UI before, some of which would have made it very complicated to update the display of the funds.
We also add prices to the object defintion files and lastly also add a check and subtract funds when the user places the objects, effectively changing it to “buying” them.