Commit b1f8f251

Add an aircon unit as an object (as an object type + assets)

Resolves #65

Hi! This commit basically only adds a new model and the basic configuration necessary to make it show up in OLives. Enjoy the, no doubt, breathtaking beauty of said unit below:

That being done that means we are going back to actual coding to actually give these two new objects actual functions. Stay tuned, the great temperature saga continues. Bye!

Commit ea163e3b

– Add new temperature modifier object category
– Add new object category “WallMountedSlim” to have wall mounted objects that allow tiles to remain navigable
– Add new object “radiator” which has no function yet

Resolves #64, #65

Hello! Once again another temperature related commit, this time once again more preparation is being done as well as another model is added. Behold, the radiator:

It has no function as such yet, but it is already the first object of the new “WallMountedSlim” object category, which is almost the same as “WallMounted” (like the sink), however tiles they are placed on remain navigable and they can be placed below windows.
Before continuing with the temperature modifier implementation I will probably add another object/model to get this out of the way, but let’s see. Byeeee.

Commit 9f55c463

Visualise the current temperature of a tile (if the temperature draw mode is selected)

Resolves #63

Hi! This implements the rest of ticket 63, visualising the current temperature of a tile. It does so by interpolating a colour that is somewhere between two colours (a shade of red and blue respectively). As a result of this we can finally see the dummy calculation for “inside temperature” in action.

A small caveat that comes with this approach is that the visualisation only has an effect on the tiles, so it may look a bit weird in darker environments, as can be seen on the right. Be that as it may, I’m happy with the quick progress (most of the leg work was already done in prior tickets) so next up will be the arguably a lot more complicated tasks of finding a sensible way to calculate the per-room temperature and implementing a concept of “temperature modifiers”. As always, one step at a time!

Commit 297fc7d5

Adds UI elements, state in multiple classes and texture assets to choose and store the current tile view mode (temperature or “normal”)

Resolves #63

Hello! This is the first, and arguably the easiest, step in introducing temperature as a concept. It really only meant adding a new state variable in the appropriate places and wiring up a way to control (and show) the current state in the UI. And of course, similar to the wall draw state, make it togglable via a hotkey. Bask in its glory below:

Commit 90618181

Add outside temperature view to UI

Resolves #59

Hi! As first part of implementing the concept of temperature meant there is now a visualisation of the current “world” temperature on the UI. It is calculated very similarly to the way the outside light information is, based around weighted averages of reference values for certain times.
Nevertheless, check it out below:

Commit 9706941a

Add feature to select multiple wall tiles by pressing shift.
The tiles get added in the following order:
1. Follow 90° angles on both ends of a wall tile (as in corners inside a room)
2. For each side, if nothing was found, try to follow wall adjacent wall tiles on the same plane
3. For each side, if nothing was found, try to follow 270° angles (as in corners outside a house) 

Resolves #39

Hello! As mentioned in the last post, now it’s also possible to quickly change the wall types for entire rooms or the exterior of an entire building easily by holding shift while selecting.
It works very similar to the way the floor tile handling does, but was obviously a bit more tricky to implement. Nevertheless, check out the result below 🙂