Commit 9f55c463

Visualise the current temperature of a tile (if the temperature draw mode is selected)

Resolves #63

Hi! This implements the rest of ticket 63, visualising the current temperature of a tile. It does so by interpolating a colour that is somewhere between two colours (a shade of red and blue respectively). As a result of this we can finally see the dummy calculation for “inside temperature” in action.

A small caveat that comes with this approach is that the visualisation only has an effect on the tiles, so it may look a bit weird in darker environments, as can be seen on the right. Be that as it may, I’m happy with the quick progress (most of the leg work was already done in prior tickets) so next up will be the arguably a lot more complicated tasks of finding a sensible way to calculate the per-room temperature and implementing a concept of “temperature modifiers”. As always, one step at a time!

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