Commit ea163e3b

– Add new temperature modifier object category
– Add new object category “WallMountedSlim” to have wall mounted objects that allow tiles to remain navigable
– Add new object “radiator” which has no function yet

Resolves #64, #65

Hello! Once again another temperature related commit, this time once again more preparation is being done as well as another model is added. Behold, the radiator:

It has no function as such yet, but it is already the first object of the new “WallMountedSlim” object category, which is almost the same as “WallMounted” (like the sink), however tiles they are placed on remain navigable and they can be placed below windows.
Before continuing with the temperature modifier implementation I will probably add another object/model to get this out of the way, but let’s see. Byeeee.

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