Commit 3e1ee7f7

   – clean ups
   – begin support for rendering of different tile types (WiP)
   – add some temporary debugging output

Starts support for drawing multiple floor tile types, this also means starting support for concatenating floor textures into one and upload it to the GPU as a sprite.

…and it initialise the state hashes properly.

Commit e6fb41fe

– move to smart pointers wherever reasonably possible
– initialise member variables in class defintions where reasonably possible
– use a crude way to actually render object elevations properly
– take the elevation back into consideration when drawing the floor

This adds a whole bunch of shared_ptrs. A lot.
Brings back the height element when drawing the floor (and its height map).

Commit 1aa79cca

draw the floor clockwise, as the vertices are defined. create a (for now functionally identical) fragment shader for the floor. temporarily disable the height component when drawing the floor

This also adds a specific fragement shader in addition to the floor vertex shader. Also, as sated in the commit message this changes the direction in which the indices are drawn to make things more readable.
As a free extra this also added a Windows batch file for compiling the shaders in addition to the UNIX/Linux shell script. This does not do match more than make the shader compiler run without any conditions or variables.