Commit c8f6df8c

– Add animation for lying down/getting up from both sides
– Adapt the dimensions/entry points of the bed to be more realistic

Relates to #12, #13, #15

Some more updates on the animations, which are now “done” for the time being, but thanks to some problems they still tend to look a little worse than they should.
Once at least one of them is fixed there will be a video though.
Hopefully soon!

Commit 7a866618

Add animations for sitting down/getting up from the front and back (4 in total)

Relates to #12, #15

As previously promised, here’s the current state of the siting down/standing up animations, from both the front and back “entry positions”.

The animations will stay the way they are for now, I am not an artist, but a coder, so I’m pretty okay with the way they look. 🙂
The video also shows some visual (code) glitches that still need to get ironed out, but first I want to make sure to finish up with the animations required for basic game play, or in other words: do the same for lying down and getting back up. Wish me luck!

Commit 41c448af

Implements non-looping animations (in the context of entering/leaving)

Closes #11

Works as promised, with the caveat that the only way to use the non-looping behaviour is by using it in the context of entering/leaving another object – the mechanism itself does not care about the source of the data however.
That being said, this commit is already setting the right animation when sitting down/lying down – not for getting back up however.
The second problem is that of all the required combinations (eight) only one exists so far..which happens to be slightly misaligned, so the next task is to create animations. A lot of them.
If this is working properly it will be time for another video to demonstrate all of that. 🙂

Commit 8eaec1b0

Add validation for the non-job entry types

Relates to #13

This adds a simple check for the (predictable) entry types, i.e. sitting and lying. That means if an unexpected value (anything but “front” or “back for the sitting case or “left” and “right” for the lying case) is encountered the object is deemed invalid and not listed for selection in shop mode.