Commit 454c6195

– Add new type to distinguish to different types of scenario/save game lists
– Change dimensions of the list to make space for the additional buttons needed
– Temporarily made it impossible to actually save due to lack of a button

Resolves #91

Hello! The big ticket item in this commit is definitely the (visual) changes to the scenario/save game list. If drawn in “save game” mode it will now also include the “overwrite” and “delete” buttons.

The bad news here is that this also makes it impossible to actually save right now, as the save list itself is still very much work in progress. This will also make it necessary to finally implement runtime reloading of the file caches after adding/deleting save files, which is currently only happening once during start-up.

The next commit should come with a lot less of a delay. Until soon. Byeee 🙂

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