CI Setup


While there was no “official” commit for quite some time, I haven’t been idle. After being intrigued about the possibility of doing so, I have been setting up a small CI pipeline based on GitLab that allows me to get automated and packaged Linux and Windows builds.
I will not publish these just yet, as I want to get some more basic features in before giving the adventurous a chance to see what OLives is or could potentially be one day. I will skip these commits from the blog as they have nothing to do with the actual development process. Stay tuned!


Just a small heads-up: everything that was written up to this point was written after the commits were made. The process of working through the backlog started around the beginning of September 2019, which means that as further back in time we go, the more the commentary might be off.
Some messages might seem a bit rushed, the grammar might be off or I might have mentioned a feature that was only implemented later, sometimes much later. Please bear with me here. 🙂
The good news is that this should improve from here on, as the plan is to write this commentary around the same time the actual commits are happening.
Thank you!