Commit 0327b7c1

– Apply local light levels to tiles, walls and models
– Add support for spot lights    

Resolves #46, #45, #44

Hello! This takes the whole lighting topic bit closer to the phase of dotting some Is (optimisation) and crossing some Ts (making sure to only take the closest light sources into consideration). That luckily means there probably aren’t going to be any major changes in the current approach, so without any further ado, the current state:

Commit d316b353

Flesh out the light calculations more (floor + wall tiles)

Relates to #44, #46

Hello! Finally some visual progress is being made, the entire lighting topic starts to come together. There is still a lot of smaller and bigger tasks until I’ll consider it done, but hopefully that shouldn’t take more than a few more weeks.
Enjoy a picture of the current state, byeeee.

Commit 862d572a

– Fix GPU memory synchronisation problems when adding/removing light sources
– Make olives compile with the current release of libvulkan
– Move some code into a utility class that was awkwardly shared between two classes before
– Very WiP implementation of better lighting for floor and wall tiles    

   Relates to #44, #46

Hello! I finally got around to update libvulkan to the newest version so that it would compile again properly without constantly downgrading to the prior version. I also fixed some broken (or plain missing) logic to properly update the light information being copied to GPU memory and fixing some bits and pieces all around the code. That should hopefully lead to some screenshot soon!