Commit 19b62f82

– Do not allow for objects to be placed on tiles that are uneven
– Do not allow walls to be built on edges that are uneven
– Fix crash when aborting wall building and then restarting it

Resolves #74

Hi! This time I honestly don’t have that much to add to the actual commit message – which I actually mostly copied from the actual ticket. Except for the bug that is, that was just a bit of a surprise while implementing it.
A lot more exciting is/are the upcoming commit(s), which will first add a UI for lowering/raising terrain and then actually hook it up to the mechanics, finally bringing all the previous work together. After that is done, the mechanics will get their usual glazing in game logic including:

  • Charging the player for them
  • Enabling/disabling UI elements accordingly
  • Not allowing to to change tiles/edges on which there is an object or wall

Anyway, there will definitely be a screenshot or video next time again. Byeee 🙂

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