Commit b0523a70

– Ensure light sources are spawned at the right elevations
– Limit navigation to tiles of a certain level height differences (<= 0.5)
– Refactor some height map function to get rid of code duplication

Resolves #75

Hello! This relatively quick commit further fleshes out the height map mechanics, it pretty much is simply what it says in the commit message.
Prior to this the light sources were always spawned at the same height, which made things looks more than a little wonky as soon as different elevations came into play. As you can see below things work more or less as expected now though:

Besides that an upper limit was introduced in what is still deemed a valid tile candidate for navigation. Next up will be limiting tiles (and edges) and which objects (and walls) an be placed. So far, the height map progressing nicely. Byeee 🙂

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