Commit 8004c788

– Ensure that objects are drawn at the right elevation
– Ensure that preview models are drawn at the right elevation
– Ensure that portal models are drawn at the right elevation

Relates to #75

Hi! This latest commit is really about replacing the existing code to determine the exact elevation at an arbitrary point, as the code in place never quite worked as intended.
While doing so I already fixed some other problems that I noticed while testing that, namely handling the (vertical) positioning of models and portal (door/window) models. Check out the final result:

Obvious problems with the animation that is clearly meant for flat terrain aside, I’m pretty happy with the result! If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, you may want to check out the video below which would belong on a blooper reel if there was one.

Next up is modifying the pathfinding to ignore inclines deemed too steep as well as properly positioning light sources when adding/moving objects that spawn one. Byeeee. 🙂

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