Commit f31b6cd2

– Extend the AbstractObject and AbstractLight python classes to support enable/disable events.
– Extend the LightInfo class (+ Python counterpart) and the LightInfo struct in GLSL with an active/inactive flag
– Based on that, implement enabling/disabling light sources for togglable object types    

Relates to #56

Hello! This commit is basically self-explanatory, it is now possible to turn light sources off and on. To be more precise, that means objects which are both marked as togglable and have a script that implements the AbstractLight class.
While implementing that, I realised that this generic approach makes a lot more sense, so I will also move the “setting the temperature” action to something very similar before moving on with the actual animation for both.
Once that is all done, it might even make sense to post a quick video again. Who knows. Byee 🙂

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