Commit c3c027f8

– Make the same changes to the enabling/disabling logic for temperature modifiers as for light sources
– When determining the logical tile from model vertex data, make sure to apply the animation to the vertex

Relates to #56
Resolves #70

Hi! This commit was mainly about applying the same more generic approach to disabling/enabling as was already implemented for light sources in the previous commit.
While doing so I had a bit of a minor epiphany about a lighting issue which can be observed in this screenshot:


What happened here is that when trying to determine the light situation in a vertex’s environment, the animation(s) was/weren’t applied to the current position yet. Since the “neutral” position for the vertices which are way too bright here is actual further away from the model’s torso, they are actually on a different tile, at least as far as the lighting logic is concerned.
Luckily, fixing this was as simply as applying the animation. 🙂

Speaking of animations, next up on the never ending todo list is fixing the still-looping animation when enabling, disabling and changing settings on an object. Bye. 🙂

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