Commit f3973a85

– Add support for object-in-object logic in snapshots
– Fix visual glitch when deactivating light sources inside rooms
– Fix order in which to reset some data structures when starting the simulation
– Add support for setting the active state (of objects that are togglable)

Resolves #83, #84

Hello! This commit wraps up the snapshot format, at least for now, as the upcoming (TBD) saving mechanics may need some further work on it. However, I’m pretty pleased with how things turned out for the time being. For example take this screenshot of the current version of house1.json:

The astute observer will notice the two agents currently sitting on the couch (leveraging the object-in-object mechanics) as well as the lamp being in the inactive state. Both of which can be defines as follows now:

Unexpectedly there were also some issues which needed urgent fixes, that was luckily a lot easier than I had originally thought. One of them was introduced recently as part of the object support in the snapshot format, the other one was a bit more weird, as there were rather ugly artefacts when turning off a light source while it is inside a room. This bug had to have been around for quite some time, but apparently somehow went unnoticed.

Next up will be the ability to actually select the scenario from the menu. Byeee 🙂

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