Commit 7a30b10f

– Make controllable object specific properties configurable
– Remove hardcoded agent creation/adapt scenario files to creat them instead

Relates to #83, #84

Hi! As hard as it is to believe and weirdly unceremoniously it finally happened:

The two agents are now finally generated by configuration, rather than by code:

Using it is pretty straightforward, a new “controllable_info” property was added to the existing object configuration which allows the user to configure all of these specific properties. All of these, except the name, are optional and will default to sensible values if left unconfigured.

That means the only task left about this is how to handle the object-in-object mechanics. I am still arguing with myself whether or not to postpone that until I actually implement the save function, as that feature realistically is not a must-have for defining game scenarios/maps and rather do something else instead. But let’s see, time will tell. Byeeee. 🙂

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