Commit 56cc7b32

– Fully load basic world information (height map, day phases incl. colours/temperature)
– Properly validate the data before using it

Relates to #83, #84

Hi! This commit builds on the basic skeleton last time around, now it is possible to see quite a big difference: besides the overall world dimensions more specific properties like the height map are now being dynamically loaded.
As a positive side effect I could also get rid of quite a bit of settings that were hardcoded for quite some time. 🙂

To showcase these rather substantial differences, I added a second scenario sporting pretty absurd settings, aptly named crazy.json.

Here you can see crazy.json in action, being configured with alternating dark/light cycles, colours and temperatures every 30 in-game minutes. But don’t worry, the vanilla OLives settings are (and for the foreseeable future will be) available in the default.json scenario, which is also what gets launched if you click on “New Game” in the main menu.

I actually tried to get OBS to cooperate to finally get a clearer picture when recording these, but even after trying to set absurdly high bit-rates (as well as other encoder options) I didn’t really see a discernible difference, so this is it for now, I’ll try again at some point though. 🙂

Anyway, next up will probably be tile types, since those will probably give me a better idea of how to eventually handle the the more complicated walls and all things wall related (looking at you, doors and windows). Byeee!

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