Commit b6fd76b3

Move the model animation calculations to the render thread, make the animations look a lot smoother

Resolves #82

Hello! It has been a long while, as work on the rendering process somehow always managed to get dragged out. I’m pretty happy with the results of this one however. Due to a quirk of the implementation, the animation updates used to be tied to the actual logic ticks, not the render ticks as they should be.
This situation has been remedied now and the animations look a lot smoother, particular non-looping ones, like sitting down and getting back up. 🙂

I would like to a show a nice video of this, but given my definitely lacklustre recording setup I don’t think the difference would be quite as noticeable as it is in “real life”.
Anyway, next up I’ll either pick up another render problem or go back into the bigger topic of loadable scenarios/maps and in the end also saving/loading mechanics, but let’s see. Byeee 🙂

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