Commit 2131a16b

– Add new button to activate the in-game menu without a hotkey
– Slightly change the sizing of the UI elements on the bottom left to make it more aligned
– Fix bug that when selecting an agent and changing to shop mode it briefly shows a rubbish icon instead of the menu

Resolves #81

Hi! A lot less happening in this commit, as it was mainly me adding a new button to bring up the in-game menu without having to use a hotkey.
While I like the new icon quite a bit, I’m not the biggest fan of its placement, I haven’t had a better idea as of now though in terms of placement. As a bit of a silver lining in that case though it tends to look nice at higher resolutions.

While working on this I noticed some possible improvements with the default size settings of some of the UI widgets, which I’ve slightly changed to get things to align a bit better, it’s a minor detail, but I’m quite fond of that small change.

Aaanyways, not much else to report except stumbling upon and fixing a minor bug, next up is finally giving the main menu some attention, after that it’s time for.. I honestly don’t know which topic exactly. Let’s see! Byeee! 🙂

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