Commit 72a9348b

Add command line switches

Resolves #78

Hi! In the previous commit I talked about how OLives finally got a menu after nearly four years, so it’s only right that this commit makes it possible to skip it again.
For actually developing OLives it is important to keep the way from making a change to actually seeing it in action as short as possible, clicking your way through a menu is not helping too much in those situations.
While I was working on that, I also added some more command line switches,
check out those striking visuals:

Riveting stuff

The observant reader may notice that “files” are being mentioned in the help text, but rest assured, this has no function yet.

Now that this is out of the way, I will either pretty up the main menu a bit or do some other menu related tasks. Let’s see, byeee 🙂

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