Commit 384183c2

– Add bare-bones menu to start and quit the game
– Make fewer hardocded assumptions about child elements in the interface manager
– Block certain shortcuts from having an effect in menu mode

Resolves #77, #80

Hello! This commit finally brings some visual changes:

After nearly four years OLives finally gets a menu. Or at least something that could be described as such if you were to squint very hard.

Clicking “Start Game” does exactly what it says, so does “Quit Game”. This is made possible by the work of the last few commits, so hacking together a few lines of UI code was more like the icing of the cake.

Luckily, in the next few days the menu will be fleshed out a bit, so that it is at least somewhat presentable, but I’ll make sure to post a screenshot then, it can only go uphill from here. 😉 Byeee!

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