Commit 38cd6c4d

– Add togglable object mechanics (WiP, mostly done)
– Add temperature selection for temperature modifying objects
– Extend the Python API to support modifying temperature modifiers properly
– Add a configuration option to enforce debug logging in release builds

Relates to #69, #56

Hello, while this is a rather substantial change I will refrain from creating a video for now, enjoy this screenshot instead:

The reason for this is that the topic is not quite done yet, and I would rather present it when it is working without any (known) quirks. The basic mechanic is fine, but due to some regressions when updating room data it may lead to crashes if things are being done in a certain order.
Getting this off the ground required the usual extensions of the Python API, as well as implementing some new functions on the C++ side to make it happen.
While doing so I also realised I definitely need to properly support multiple temperature modifiers on the same tile. A fact that I, for some reason, convinced myself at first is not necessary. Oh well.

The other headliner here is that it is now possible to override the standard setting of not having debug style output in release builds, it can be enabled by setting force_debug_logging to true in the config.json.
Byee 🙂

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