Commit 69ceca7c

Fix operator< for the Position2Raw type as well as an off-by-one error when writing the mapping of light position to unique light id

Relates to #43, #48

Hi! The mighty light chair is returning for another appearance. This time, it seems after some quick testing, it seems tearing down and adding new walls works properly in regards to light sources being associated with the right positions. Turns out having a std::map that cannot work properly due to a faulty condition in operator<() in a containing type is not a good thing that may lead to overlapping mappings. While debugging that I had a minor epiphany about a potential off-by-one problem, but the code broke before that even mattered. Now both should be fixed though. 🙂

Still wrong is the calculation that should take the size of the containing room into consideration when calculating the ambient light intensity, same goes for light colour, which is not used at all yet. One step at a time. Bye!

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