Commit 12a07517

Add the new configuration options for light information, move the data all the way to the python script, make it possible to use job messages even after an object was destroyed, implement add/move/remove light in the abstract light class

Relates to #43, #47, #48

Hello! Once again a rather heavy commit touching many different files and places. After a lot of preparation the point to actually have a visual difference has come, still very much WiP and slightly buggy, but..behold

Behold, the light chair!

As you can see there is no model for light sources yet, so the chair model will have to do for now. When adding and removing rooms it will easily glitch out right now and not reset it tiles to their proper values. There is a problem with the light intensity calculation and the colour of light sources is still simply completely ignored. But it’s still quite nice to finally see a visual difference when adding a new light source. 🙂 Hopefully these bugs won’t take too long to resolve so that the system can be fleshed out more. Bye!

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