Commit b05314de

Correct the configuration settings of the bed object and treat internal actions more like the passive entry points in Python

Resolves #17

This is putting some finishing touches on the sleeping mechanic, which also included some minor fixes to the object-in-object mechanics that went undetected in the first implementation, the shower, as it is only 1×1 in size, as opposed to the bed.
In the video below you see two options, sleeping and lying down, the difference being that “sleeping” is an active job and shows up in the list as it is explicitly configured – also, it will actively regenerate the energy stats. The “lying down” option is the same as above and only shows up implicitly, as this object type is in a category that marks it as an object type on which a character can lie down on and then idle in a different position status.
While doing this I realised two things are still missing:

  1. Simply starting to sleep when lying down (i.e. not getting up only to lie back down again) if possible
  2. Jobs that have the goal to fully finishing charging a certain type and that do not finish before it is reached – and that also do finish once it is and not keep going

Be that as it may, here’s the video 🙂

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