Commit b1fbe3c7

– Extend the slot (object-in-object) configuration of types (WiP)
– Added a third concept of slots (job context, next to sitting and lying)
– Add code that validates the slot configuration for sitting, lying and job
– Add the O2 flag for release builds

Relates to #13 and #12

Once again, not the most exciting commit, but that can probably be said for many commits in the early phase of bigger features.
This commit adds the concept of a third type of slot (the term also happened to be introduced in the context of this commit): the job slot. That means it will also be possible to define special slots that can be used in the context of a specific task, as opposed as to the “passive” slots for sitting and lying down.
A bit of code was written to finally validate and assemble the configuration information of all three slot types so that they can be added to the object types loaded when starting OLives. That very last step of added the newly assembled (and verified) information is what is still missing, and will be added in the next commit.
Once that is done, newly created objects will also hold information about their respective slots, which paves the way for the more exciting (and visible) changes. As always, stay tuned!

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