Commit c56146c4

– Add boilerplate code for seating point (etc.) configurations
– Make the way in which embedded configuration options are being loaded more generic
– Add new object categories in relation to seating (etc.), still unused
– Fix file name information for embedded configuration options, i.e. fix the error message in case of an invalid configuration property

Relates to #13, #14 and #12

Hi! On the outside this commit not particularly exciting, but it does get some of the rather cumbersome boilerplate type work done as well as addressing some issues that have been bugging me for some time, but not enough to actually look into them
As an added plus, writing the configuration option definitions and parsing (and also making the changes to the configuration files themselves) made me think a bit more about the concrete requirements for some of the concepts.
So while nothing can is visible yet, project “get those human-shaped things to sit down and also have them take showers” is finally off the ground. Stay tuned!

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