Commit 5c33f613

add very basic UI logic, nothing works, all WiP and not integrated into the renderer at all

This adds a whole lot of base logic for the UI, the next big step in the evolution of OLives, as so far the entirety of user input is done through hot keys. While it is very exciting to keep pressing ‘o’ after switching to the right game mode, it also does not work as a long-term solution.
This commit adds logic for widgets, a container class which is also a widget, but can contain other widgets and a whole chunk of base logic about calculating sizes and positions.
Widgets can be relatively (in relation to their parent) or absolutely (in pixels) sized.
They also can already create model data (vertices), using the same type of ModelData structure as is used for the elements that can be rendered, meaning the models, walls, tiles and build markers.
As it also says, this logic is doing nothing except that it can get compiled and linked, it is as of yet completely unused.

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