Commit d37b8308

– Add support for loading save games from the main menu
– Add support for loading save fames from within a running simulation
– Add support to the SnapShotManager to load save games
– Fix locking issues

Resolves #89, #88

Hello! This commit took quite some time as I was stuck with a weird UI synchronisation problem which turned out to be.. me missing a function call to synchronise things.
As I had encountered similar problems before (and fixed them) I was hunting for yet another bug, unfortunately in this case that was wrong in hindsight, I simply had to manually force-synchronise the UI state and all these warnings (and the occasional crash) went away.

On the happier side of things, it is now possible to load save game files from both the main menu and the in-game menu, albeit they have to be manually generated.

As you can see, visually there is not much of a difference to the scenario selection, but it is quite nice to see three out of the four options to be clickable now.

Next up will probably preliminary support for actually saving games, which will hopefully go quicker, it comes with a variety of sub-tasks. But it is certainly going to be a lot more motivating and exciting than drawn out bug hunting. 🙂 Byeee!

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