Commit 200d9075

Further improve resetting different data structures when switching back and forth between simulation and menu mode (WiP)

Relates to #77

Hi! The work on making everything, well, resettable continues. At this point it is actually possible to “use” OLives again – to its usual extent. By pressing ‘O’ it is possible to move from menu mode to simulation mode. Pressing ‘L’ will switch back to menu mode.

These handy little shortcuts are obviously temporary, but help a lot in finding all the little problems that are still occurring. While it is already possible to switch back and forth, some things are still not getting reset properly: portals tend to stick around even after the reset and you better not try to add a light source or a temperature modifier and quit to the menu.

Anyway, things are progressing nicely and hopefully soon those issues will be weeded out, then it’ll be time to actually put in a menu of sorts and get rid of of my little dev shortcuts. Byeee. 🙂

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