Commit 31d053ed

Add callbacks to object scripts. Refactor object scripts to improve non-controllable script objects. Expose Pos3 class to Python (and refactor it on the C++ end to make it explicit). Add new object categories.

Relates to #55, #56, #47, #48

Hello! I’m pleased to announce that no scope creep whatsoever occurred in this commit. None. Anyway, here’s Wonde in this commit some things were prepared/started, while others almost finished.
The big ticket item this time is probably the almost complete support for callbacks into an object’s Python script. The part I am not yet happy with are the passed arguments, but besides that the basic principle seems more or less sane.
Also a lot of refactoring happened on the Python end, not as much in terms of code, but the actual class hierarchies and what exactly gets passed to object script constructors. Good stuff.
Some more code is also being exposed to the Python API, that too is nice.
New object categories (LightSource, FewTicksRequired, Togglable) were introduced, some only in name, others (half)implemeneted.. so.. no scope creep. Nothing to see here. Move along. Bye.

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