Commit d5403281

– Make the default enter/leave animations configurable
– Refactor the python job code and reduce logic duplication significantly
– Add a job type for showering and half-implement it (does not leave yet when done, specific animations are missing)

Relates to #29

Hello! Adding some more boilerplate for the job type configuration, turns out that a copy constructor missed some of the new properties, which made for some interesting debugging.
A lot more exciting here are some refactoring efforts that were made once I realised that the previous approach would have lead to a lot of boilerplate code – and also would not out of the box use the configured default values for enter/leave animations, but rather would have required some custom code in every job to retrieve them. Well, that’s fixed now 🙂
While it does not look very exciting, here’s a quick screenshot of one of the characters after finishing the “shower” job – as mentioned in the commit log, the custom animations for that are still missing (I’m currently recycling another one for that), but the basic logic is now working.

Now only to get out of that shower again.. more about that in the next commit 🙂

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