Commit df8e8b07

– Set the default idle animation depending on the current position status (standing, sitting, etc..)
– Add first iteration of sitting animation
– Add a few more helper functions to determine under what circumstances an object enters another
– First WiP approach for the sitting down mechanic (just switches immediately for now, no standing up either)
– Extend the Python bindings

Relates to #13 and #12

More progress and getting closer to an actual object-in/on-object mechanic! It is now possible to let the controllable objects sit down on objects that support that – albeit immediately and without any animations. You also better not plan on them being able to get up again, unless of course you don’t mind simply deleting the object they are sitting on.
Needless to say, this is all very much work in progress and will continue to do so for quite some time, but it is definitely progress 🙂

After all that time they finally get to sit down

This also brought up the rather unfortunate question of positioning of the model so that everything lines up in a generic way, it just happens to work very nicely for the couch model, not so much for the chair though.
Let’s see what the next few days will bring in that regard. 🙂

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