Commit 2eb679c2

– use the same cmake changes as for cross compiling when doing native windows builds
– make sure to always pick discrete GPUs, if available
– properly initialise the maximum number of descriptor sets for the model pipeline
– increase API requirement  for Vulkan from 1.0 to 1.1
– properly pass device features when creating a logical Vulkan device
– when allocating aligned memory under windows make sure to only pass alignment values that are powers of two
– change the buffer sharing mode from concurrent to exclusive (for now, ensure there are no problems due to that)

Hello! This required to set-up a complete development environment under Windows, after throwing away the somewhat naive hope of being able to simply run the cross-compiled binary, it required a fair but of debugging to be able to run.
After setting up the environment, most tasks revolved around Vulkan specific issues, that made me seriously wonder how some things worked under Linux in the first place, only one memory issue was an actual platform issue and luckily pretty quickly solved. 🙂
At the end of this we finally run OLives under Windows, albeit without any selections, besides the UI. It is also pretty crash-happy, but it starts!

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