Commit ce28b336

– Implement a way to detect when an object moves from one logical tile to another
– Parse and pass through vertex colour values from the IQM loader to the shader
– Implement hiding of vertices with an rgb value of (255, 0, 0) which will be used to hide certain vertices in doors when an object passes through (WiP)

The TODO list about portals keeps getting shorter. This commit paves the way for hiding doors (and not the door frames) while the surrounding wall is fully drawn.
This is/will be realised by hiding certain vertices, namely everything except the door frame when an object passes through them. This commit provides the building blocks for that by

  • Making it possible to define and use vertex colours in models
  • Providing these colours in the door model (turns out that was not a fun exercise in blender)
  • Building a mechanism that tracks when objects move from one logical tile to another

For the time being this state is currently always enabled to test the hiding mechanism, it currently looks like this:

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