Commit c9f1fb23

– fix logic in pagination row calculation
– fix pagination button logic
– improve state hash calculation function on the status bar
– replace the RowContainer instance used as the context container with the DynamicRowContainer

This finishes up the DynamicRowContainer for now. Some tweaks had to be made when determining the limits of how far the user gets to paginate/scroll and what state the scroll buttons need to be in accordingly.
If the number of child element now exceeds what can fit in a row, the buttons are shown properly now:

Finally the container type was made to replace the existing “context container”, which is the internal name for the big area on the right in the UI next to the main UI elements on the left hand side which are always shown.
In order to make this fully work some smaller changes also had to be made in the way that the container sets the sizes of its child elements and thus might implicitly change their dirty state. In other words: the elements might not update properly under some circumstances.
See it in action in the shop mode:

We are ready for a second row of objects now.

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