Commit 5272cf32

– Make more code generic in the job scripts
– Implement the hygiene logic on the Python end
– Add a new job: wash_hands
– Handle object categories better in some cases
– Handle containers with only one children more gracefully (improve padding calculation)

The theme here is the full implementation of the hygiene mechanics. The idea here is to slowly decrease the hygiene value (slower than hunger) and also let it negatively affect (once again, to a lesser degree) the overall health. In order to let the health recover both hunger and hygiene need to be above 0. That might be subject to change, let’s see what the future brings. 🙂
As often in these cases that means that some features are suddenly used in a way that has not happened before. This means that this commit also brought changes in the UI code (poor handling of padding calculation in containers with only one child element) as well as in the object selection code, which did not handle object types that have more than one category very well.
As already mentioned, the mechanic is complete for now, but is still missing a slightly improved model for the sink as well as a hand washing animation, so the next commit which will bring these asset updates will get a nice flashy screenshot or video. 🙂

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