Commit aba39e82

– add new job messaging mechanism that allows the job to return messages to ┬áthe object manager
– add first message type that allows objects to transform themselves
– fix bug in the renderer that crashed when creating and removing the number of models resulting in the same number
– added more gameplay logic (starvation and death)

This is rather substantial as it adds the notion of “job messages”, that allows Python scripts to make changes asynchronously. The only message type currently supported is the “change object” message, which essentially transforms the object sending the message. This change needs to happen asynchronously for obvious reasons, as replacing the object requires a complete removal of the existing object, including the script instance, before it gets replaced by a completely new object in the same location.
On a more superficial levels, this adds a bit more game play, if you want to call it that. Yay!

Oh no, a famine struck the player!

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