Commit 80dee2b9

add a mechanism to switch between the bare bone game modes (simulation kind of works, shop is not doing much useful and build is a complete stub)

This adds the concept of “game modes”, which means three separate modes in which OLives can run now. The first, and default, mode is the simulation mode. In this mode you now can

  • Pause/unpause the simulation
  • Select/unselect non-static objects
  • Set a target for a selected object to move to

In the second mode, shop mode, you can

  • Select/unselect static objects
  • Nothing else yet

but you cannot pause/unpause the simulation, as it automatically gets paused when entering a non-simulation mode.
In the third mode the build mode you can do

  • Absolutely nothing

That’s still to come.
The different game modes can be switched by hitting F1, F2 and F3 respectively.

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